Ill. Leon Lewis 33 - Worshipful Master

                     Ill. L.F. Henderson 33 - Founder

Ill. Dr. L.F. Henderson was Raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason on March 6, 1964; Exalted to the most Sublime Degree of Royal Arch Mason on December 10, 1966;  Created and Dubbed a Glorious and Magnanimous Sir Knight of the Realm on April 27, 1968; Admitted to the Nobility of the Mystic Shrine on May 23, 1970.  Admitted into the 33rd  Degree Council on July 19, 1998.

He was elected Deputy Grand Master of Texas in April of 1965 and served in this capacity until April of 1970.  Elected W.M. of L. F. Henderson Lodge #1 in Ashdown, AR on Septemeber 6, 1966 and served in this capacity until April 1971.  He was elected to the office of Grand Master of Arkansas from April 1971 until August of 1973.  In August of 1973 he resigned as G.M. of Arkansas in order to become a full-time Doctoral Graduate student.  After completing his doctoral Residency requirement he was re-elected G.M. of of Arkansas on August 2, 1975 and served in this capacity until August 1978.  From April 1966 until 1980 he served as Supreme Recruit Deputy in Arkansas and Texas.  Ill. Dr. Henderson was commissioned as Supreme Recruit Deputy with unlimited territory and an indefinate expiration date on July1, 1973, by Dr. Wm. V. Banks, Supreme Grand Master on International Masons, Inc.  Ill. Dr. L.F. Henderson under the supervision of Dr. Wm. V. Banks, is responsible for International Masons and Order of Eastern Star being established in the state of Arkansas and expanding International Masons in Dallas, Texas.  On occasions, the Supreme Grand Master apppointed him to fulfill the role of Supreme Gramd Master over Arkansas' State Conventions.  He also served as an officer in the High Degree Departments as well.  For example: Arkansas Pilgrim Commandry #1.  Other Masonic offices held by him  included Joint Council Treasurer, Grand Lecturer, Financial & Recording Secretary of Alpha Grand Lodge of Arkansas & Financial Secretary of L.F. Henderson Lodge # 1 in Ashdown, Arkansas.

Ill. Dr. Henderson organized and or set up the following Lodges in the states of Arkansas and Texas:

L. F. Henderson Lodge # 1                 Ashdown, AR                          9/1966

M.M. May Lodge # 2                           Pine Bluff, AR                           1967

Pride of Ogden #5                              Ogden, AR                               1970

M.H.M Lodge # 6                                Tollette, AR                              1971

Wm. V. Banks # 7                              Dallas, TX                                 1968

R.E.K. Lodge #28                               Arkdelphia, AR                          10/1970

St. Paul Baptist Church Lodge #20    Texarkana, TX                          1970

Sunrise Lodge #32                            Camden, AR                              1980

Pilgrim Commandry # 1                     Ashdown, AR

Hiram Abiff Royal Arch Chapter #1    Ashdown, AR

Brother Henderson was also one of the adult leaders who recruited and set up the first Arkansas Youth Court in Ashdown, AR.



                        Bro. Kenneth Gulley


Bro. Kenneth R. Gulley holds the following Local, State, and National District Offices:  Senior Warden of L. F. Henderson Lodge # 1.  He is the past Junior Decaon of L.F. Henderson Lodge #1 in Ashdown, Arkansas. He is currently Grand Junior Deacon of Alpha Grand Lodge in Arkansas, and Gulf Coast National District Grand Junior Deacon.

                            Bro. Jeff Willis

                      Bro. Prentice Williams

Bro. Prentice Williams joined the fraternal family of L. F. Henderson Lodge #1 in September 1969.  In the past he has served in many capacities of the organization:  Grand Master of Arkansas,  Deputy Grand Master, Gulf Coast National District Joint Council President, President of the National District Joint Executive Board, Joint Executive Board of Arkansas,  Worshipful Master of L. F. Henderson Lodge #1. Presently he holds the positions of President of The Grand Joint Council of Arkansas, Treasurer of Alpha Grand Lodge and L. F. Henderson Lodge #1 of Ashdown.



                     Bro. Therman Williams

Bro. Therman Williams has held several local, state, and national offices.  He is the past Gulf Coast National District Joint Council President, the Past Grand Master of Arkansas, Past Arkansas Joint Council President, Past Worshipful Master of L. F. Henderson Lodge  #1 and holds the present position of Senior Deacon of L. F. Henderson Lodge # 1 of Ashdown, Arkansas.

                       Bro. Herman Williams

                         Bro. Lee Williams

                             Bro.Ted Green

Bro. Ted Green joined L.F. Henderson #1 Lodge in June of 2009.  He hold the office of Junior Deacon.



                        Bro. James Slaton